2017-05-21 Timothy HobbsAdd very basic support for inserting links master
2017-05-21 Timothy HobbsFiddle with ui
2017-05-21 Timothy HobbsFormat images better in generated html
2017-05-21 Timothy HobbsNormalize icon sizes
2017-05-21 Timothy HobbsAdd ability to add images to description
2017-05-21 Timothy HobbsFiddle with formatting of UI
2017-05-21 Timothy HobbsAdd basic formatting tools for formatting description.
2017-05-21 Timothy HobbsDon't cling to first track in html player
2017-05-20 Timothy HobbsAdd instalation link for IPFS
2017-05-20 Timothy HobbsAdd accessible names for toolbar buttons
2017-05-20 Timothy HobbsRefactor and add cut/paste feature
2017-05-19 Timothy HobbsAdd record and up/down buttons
2017-05-18 Timothy HobbsFix spelling error in docs
2017-05-18 Timothy HobbsBump Version 0.3
2017-05-18 Timothy HobbsFix bug in zip progress bar
2017-05-18 Timothy HobbsFixes to m3u zipping code
2017-05-18 Timothy HobbsFix bug in last-player wait code.
2017-05-18 Timothy HobbsOrder ogg files when sharing, and include playlist
2017-05-10 Timothy HobbsWait for playback to finish before starting recording
2017-05-04 Timothy HobbsBump version 0.2
2017-05-04 Timothy HobbsMerge branch 'master' of
2017-05-04 Timothy HobbsCancel playback with ESC key
2017-05-04 Timothy HobbsUpdate .gitignore
2017-05-04 Timothy HobbsAdd docs description to git repo
2017-05-04 Timothy HobbsBump VERSION 0.1
2017-05-04 Timothy HobbsUpdate license string in
2017-05-03 Timothy HobbsAdd desktop entry file
2017-05-03 Timothy HobbsAutomatically traverse to newly created subdirs
2017-05-03 Timothy HobbsRefactor publishing code
2017-05-03 Timothy HobbsUse smaller playback buffer to make changing tracks...
2017-05-03 Timothy HobbsPrint debug info when adding to DAG
2017-05-03 Timothy HobbsUpdate readme to reflect current dependencies
2017-05-03 Timothy HobbsClean out encryption stubs
2017-05-03 Timothy HobbsUse sox rather than aplay/arecord
2017-05-03 Timothy HobbsAdded threading support for publish functionality
2017-04-28 Timothy HobbsAdd Play all button to story.html
2017-04-28 Timothy HobbsAdd localhost to server list for publishing "online"
2017-04-28 Timothy HobbsFix break in main.ui
2017-04-26 Timothy HobbsLaunch IPFS daemon if not running when uploading.
2017-04-26 Timothy HobbsUse requests, and be more resiliant when uploading...
2017-04-26 Timothy HobbsArbitrarilly increase the number of notes on the web...
2017-04-26 Timothy HobbsAdd ability to choose ipfs gateway for publishing
2017-04-26 Timothy HobbsDone!
2017-04-26 Timothy HobbsNot quite done yet, but this is getting so exciting...
2017-04-25 Timothy HobbsAdd ability to anotate stories with titles and textual...
2017-04-25 Timothy HobbsImprove GUI
2017-04-24 Timothy HobbsFinish up html UI!!!
2017-04-24 Timothy HobbsParse m3u files!
2017-04-24 Timothy HobbsFiddle with web UI, get audio to play.
2017-04-24 Timothy HobbsWork on web-publish UI
2017-04-23 Timothy HobbsFiddle with UI
2017-04-23 Timothy HobbsAdd license link to about dialog
2017-04-23 Timothy HobbsLots of assorted progress
2017-04-23 Timothy HobbsAdd as of now non-functional help/publish buttons to...
2017-04-23 Timothy HobbsFix item insertion bug
2017-04-23 Timothy HobbsUI fiddles
2017-04-22 Timothy HobbsMake ptt installable via pip
2017-04-22 Timothy HobbsInitial commit 0.0