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2015-09-30 TimothyAdd version constraints to tell newer versions of subus... master
2015-09-07 TimothyAdd briquolo game
2015-09-07 TimothyUpdate sources before installing iceweasel
2015-09-05 TimothyAdd Icedove
2015-09-03 TimothyRemove pitivi as it is broken
2015-08-13 TimothyNo longer need to launch iceweasel with -new-instance...
2015-08-03 TimothyFix xpra, set DEBIAN_FRONTEND to noninteractive
2015-08-03 TimothyMove to newer version of xpra
2015-08-01 TimothyMove to using gui option where applicable and where...
2015-07-31 TimothyAdd xpra X11 bridge
2015-07-17 TimothyMerge branch 'master' of
2015-07-17 TimothyMigrate to new update system, all images tested :D
2015-05-17 Timothy HobbsAdded offlineimap
2015-03-19 Timothy HobbsFix ino image
2015-03-15 Timothy HobbsFix ino image
2015-03-14 Timothy HobbsAdd setuptools to ino image
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