2016-02-09 TimothyMove entrypoints permission to prelude master
2016-02-09 TimothyRename and move entrypoints permission
2016-01-28 TimothyAdd entry-points-exposed property of subusers
2016-01-15 TimothyAdd ``entry-points`` permission.
2016-01-15 TimothyRespecify system-dirs as being a dictionary
2015-11-03 TimothyBetter specify which files exist within the subuser...
2015-10-10 TimothyForbid the ! symbol in repository names.
2015-10-06 TimothyAdd ``user`` option to config.json
2015-09-28 TimothyAdd subuser-version-constraints field to .subuser.json
2015-09-20 TimothyRename subuser-repository-root configuration option...
2015-09-06 TimothyAdd explicit image-source listing in .subuser.json
2015-09-06 TimothyIgnore ~ files
2015-09-04 TimothyAdded run-commands-on-host permission
2015-08-15 TimothyAdd docker-image-dir option to the repository config...
2015-08-14 TimothyRevamp update system
2015-08-02 TimothyFIX: link to permissions.json file format standard
2015-08-02 TimothyFIX: Add link to locked-subsers.json file format standard
2015-07-31 TimothyRecord service subusers in the subusers.json file
2015-07-31 TimothyFinal additions for x11 bridge support
2015-07-26 TimothyAdd system-dirs permission
2015-07-19 TimothyAdd restriction on subuser names in order to reserve...
2015-07-15 TimothyGit uses SHA-1 not SHA-2
2015-07-15 TimothyForgot to depricate last-update-time in installed-image...
2015-07-15 TimothyImprove update system
2015-07-05 TimothyTypo
2015-07-05 TimothyImprove docs on registry.lock file
2015-06-25 TimothyAdd registry lock file
2015-03-15 Timothy HobbsAdd support for local repositories
2015-03-15 Timothy HobbsMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-15 Timothy HobbsAdd the ability to have non-git managed repositories.
2015-03-14 Timothy HobbsMerge pull request #3 from danmbox/permissions-inherit...
2015-03-14 Dan MuresanAdded "inherit-envvars" to permissions.js standard
2015-02-07 Timothy HobbsMerge branch 'master' of
2015-02-07 Timothy HobbsAdd link to runtime cache info
2015-02-06 Timothy HobbsMerge pull request #2 from peter1000/patch-2
2015-02-06 Timothy HobbsMerge pull request #1 from peter1000/patch-1
2015-02-06 peter1000Wrong word ? config-dot-json-file-format.rst
2015-02-06 peter1000Typo: repositories.rst
2014-12-12 Timothy HobbsAdd support for storing information about cached runtim...
2014-10-31 Timothy HobbsAdd the ability to change the subuser-repository-root...
2014-10-23 Timothy HobbsAdd path for locked-subusers.json file to config.json
2014-10-21 Timothy HobbsAdd the locked-subusers.json file to subuser's serializ...
2014-10-16 Timothy HobbsMoved to using RST
2014-10-09 Timothy HobbsAdd gui permissions
2014-10-09 Timothy HobbsAdd sudo permission
2014-10-07 Timothy HobbsGroup the most harmless(and tedous to set) permissions...
2014-10-02 Timothy HobbsNew way of identifying temporary repositories.
2014-09-29 Timothy HobbsCategorize permissions by permissiveness
2014-09-29 Timothy HobbsAdd system-dbus permission
2014-09-27 Timothy Hobbsimage -> subuser + add serial-devices permission
2014-09-27 Timothy Hobbsinherit-working-directory -> access-working-directory
2014-09-27 Timothy Hobbsmd files should not be executable
2014-09-20 Timothy HobbsSpecify subuser image source URIs more exactly.
2014-09-09 TimothyAdd one more location for the repositories.json file.
2014-09-06 Timothyprogram-source now image-source. source-program now...
2014-09-02 TimothyRemove system-dirs permission
2014-09-02 TimothyRemove depricated permissions
2014-08-26 TimothyAdd executable-shortcut-installed flag in subusers...
2014-08-18 Timothy HobbsRecord the program sources from which images are built
2014-08-13 Timothy HobbsMake location of subuser repositories user configurable.
2014-08-13 Timothy HobbsAdd setting for location of installed-images.json file.
2014-08-12 Timothy HobbsRework how we keep track of installed images.
2014-08-12 Timothy HobbsSpecify repository-states.json
2014-07-22 rootMoved user repository list to registry
2014-07-22 rootMany sparse changes
2014-04-30 TimothyInitial commit