2019-06-30 Timothy HobbsAdd some more code to gradestalib master
2019-06-30 Timothy Hobbs"Update"
2019-06-30 Timothy HobbsSome random changes
2019-06-16 Timothy HobbsMore fiddling with the protocol
2019-06-01 Timothy HobbsAdd react app with websocket support to rust actix...
2019-05-19 Timothy HobbsMove in actix-websocket-chat example as basis for manag...
2019-05-19 Timothy HobbsChanges, not even worth documenting them anymore
2019-05-12 Timothy HobbsJust some random commit
2019-04-28 Timothy HobbsFiddle with standard
2019-04-22 Timothy HobbsKind of update merge and test code
2019-04-22 Timothy HobbsLets just pretend that the design work is finally done
2019-04-18 Timothy HobbsUpdate some tests
2019-03-26 Timothy HobbsJust some random changes
2019-03-12 Timothy HobbsEndpoint is now entirely controlled by manager
2019-02-13 Timothy HobbsFinish up merge code
2019-02-12 Timothy HobbsExpose service of origin in Delta
2019-02-12 Timothy HobbsUpdate selection and cursor merging logic
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsMerge manager states
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsMerge manendpoints
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsMerge seats
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsTypo in proto file
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsFixes to proto definition
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsFix error in proto diagram
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsRefactor merge map code
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsUpdate merge selections and cursors
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsMerge managers
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsMerge services + give up on reduced indentation levels
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsAdd test-loop script
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsMerge endpoints
2019-02-11 Timothy HobbsUpdate merge_cell_runtimes
2019-02-10 Timothy HobbsUpdate defaults to reflect new protobuf defs
2019-02-10 Timothy HobbsFix incomplete changes to protocol
2019-02-10 Timothy HobbsImplementation work
2019-02-10 Timothy HobbsDesign work, moving more responsibility to the manager
2019-02-07 Timothy HobbsBack to writting code
2019-02-07 Timothy HobbsMore protocol design work
2019-02-05 Timothy HobbsMajor redesign of protocol
2019-01-24 Timothy HobbsStart implementing rust control flow graph compiler
2019-01-23 Timothy HobbsWork on main gradesta manager state machine
2019-01-17 Timothy HobbsAdd notify to Cargo.toml
2019-01-17 Timothy HobbsAdd skelliton version of state machine code
2019-01-17 Timothy HobbsSmall changes to protobuf file
2019-01-17 Timothy HobbsAdd docstring to
2019-01-07 Timothy HobbsMerge manager states
2019-01-06 Timothy HobbsMerge Selections and cursors
2019-01-06 Timothy HobbsMerge managers
2019-01-06 Timothy HobbsMerge clients
2019-01-06 Timothy HobbsMerge service states
2019-01-06 Timothy HobbsVerify actor metatadat unaffected by redesign
2019-01-06 Timothy HobbsUpdated merge cell runtimes
2019-01-06 Timothy HobbsMore redesign
2018-12-09 Timothy HobbsMove away from using straight cell ids to using cell...
2018-12-09 Timothy HobbsUpdate some docs and expand on identity server implemen...
2018-11-21 Timothy HobbsGet rid if "blank" functions which were the same as...
2018-11-21 Timothy HobbsMerge tests pass
2018-11-21 Timothy HobbsUndo some of the new requiredes,
2018-11-20 Timothy HobbsLots of small changes, none resolute
2018-11-19 Timothy HobbsStart filling out protocol defaults
2018-11-18 Timothy HobbsUpdates to standard and filling out some very verbose...
2018-11-18 Timothy HobbsDefined merge_service_states
2018-11-18 Timothy HobbsMerge actor metadata
2018-11-17 Timothy HobbsAdd tests to merge_cell_runtime function
2018-11-17 Timothy HobbsCan now merge CellRuntimes in rust
2018-11-17 Timothy HobbsCan now merge most fields in CellRuntime using rust
2018-11-17 Timothy HobbsAdd first function and test to rust rewrite of manager
2018-11-10 Timothy HobbsStart rust version of library
2018-11-07 Timothy HobbsMerge branch 'master' of
2018-11-07 Timothy HobbsMore fiddles
2018-10-31 Timothy HobbsAnother random commit of unrelated changes
2018-10-28 Timothy HobbsMore unfinished work
2018-10-27 Timothy HobbsJust another commit, nothing actually accomplished
2018-09-12 Timothy HobbsRefactor gradesta service code to make it easier to...
2018-08-28 Timothy HobbsFix some permissions errors in grfs
2018-08-28 Timothy HobbsDethreadify gred2 and actually add gradesta-client...
2018-08-28 Timothy HobbsInitial work on gradesta_client
2018-07-09 Timothy Hobbsgradesta: add read-only textgraph support
2018-07-09 Timothy HobbsFully reimplemented toy file browser using gradesta...
2018-07-02 Timothy Hobbs