descriptiontg text graph serialization standard as well as reference implementations for viewing and editing tools. Clone from
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2019-06-30 Timothy HobbsAdd some more code to gradestalib master
2019-06-30 Timothy Hobbs"Update"
2019-06-30 Timothy HobbsSome random changes
2019-06-16 Timothy HobbsMore fiddling with the protocol
2019-06-01 Timothy HobbsAdd react app with websocket support to rust actix...
2019-05-19 Timothy HobbsMove in actix-websocket-chat example as basis for manag...
2019-05-19 Timothy HobbsChanges, not even worth documenting them anymore
2019-05-12 Timothy HobbsJust some random commit
2019-04-28 Timothy HobbsFiddle with standard
2019-04-22 Timothy HobbsKind of update merge and test code
2019-04-22 Timothy HobbsLets just pretend that the design work is finally done
2019-04-18 Timothy HobbsUpdate some tests
2019-03-26 Timothy HobbsJust some random changes
2019-03-12 Timothy HobbsEndpoint is now entirely controlled by manager
2019-02-13 Timothy HobbsFinish up merge code
2019-02-12 Timothy HobbsExpose service of origin in Delta
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